No One Told Me This Sh*t Was Going to be Hard: A Discussion Every Entrepreneur Should Attend

Beginning February, every third Thursday of each month we will hold a discussion about all the sh*t nobody told us about in regards to starting, growing, and sustaining a business. A startup company that has chosen to work (and continues to work) in our coworking community since way back in our beta stage will be hosts of the conversation and trust us, they’ve been through lots. Their name is InHouse! You can learn a bit more about them here.

Don’t think of this monthly meet up as a panel discussion because it’s more than that! We want and encourage you to help us lead/join the conversation.

We’re really excited about this. Below are three of the main reasons why:

Your Questions Answered

At every networking event and panel discussion we’ve both hosted and attended, we realized that there always seems to be some leftover Q’s. We intentionally formatted this discussion to where it’s all about the Q’s. You are as much a part of the discussion as our hosts, so asking questions is highly encouraged. Conversation will flourish from there and the best part is… if there’s still some q’s left-over, they will spill into the next discussion the following month.

Honest Discussion

Entrepreneurship is tough as it is already, we want to make these conversations open-ended and easy (hence the title, “No One Told Me This Sh*t Was Going to be Hard”). No beating around the bush, we want want to get straight to the nitty-gritty of whatever it is that you and your business (or idea) are going through. The only way we can help each other in the entrepreneurship community is by asking honest questions, giving honest answers, and providing honest feedback.

Relatability Cultivated

At the end of the day, after these conversations, you realize you’re not alone in the game that is entrepreneurship. There are lots of us in Tucson who are starting our own businesses or are far along and are experiencing like struggles and victories! We want these conversations to be the hub of that relatability that is cultivated.


Save your seat now and RSVP here.

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