Coming Together at Connect

Hey Coworking world! Dani Schiess, Community Ambassador at Connect Coworking here.

I am so excited to announce yet *another* collaboration here at Connect!

Eat.Sleep.Work. and Western Sky Communications.

Eat.Sleep.Work. is a highly talented group of graphic designers, web developers and storytellers. Martha Retallick is a copywriter and owner of Western Sky Communications.

Jonathan Wang (CEO and founding partner of Eat.Sleep.Work) teamed up with Martha to create one seriously cool website for the 1887 Fund. The 1887 Fund will support the restoration of 5 historic buildings and public spaces on the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration campus. Jonathan developed the website strategy, directed the design, and directed the programming. Martha provided the written copy.

western-sky-communications-logoThese kind of connections are so crucial to both expanding and established businesses and freelancers.

Just today I asked one of our members why they choose to work out of Connect. Their answer? “The socialization, I could work from home, but there are a lot of distractions. The fact that I get to have conversations throughout the day with like minded individuals, is what keeps me coming back.”

TADT5sjwWhile coworking is considered a “new” movement, it is definitely sweeping across the world, and for good reason. If you haven’t checked out Connect, or other coworking spaces in your area I strongly recommend it!

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