Connect Coworking Just Celebrated Its Third Year Anniversary!

We recently celebrated our third year anniversary and we did it by celebrating our members! Because without them… there would be no third year to celebrate. Aside from food, drink, balloons and a birthday cake, we also premiered a new Connect Coworking video featuring some of our members and our lovely space. You can watch the full video here (it’s awesome).


We take pride in not only the aesthetic of our space but in the community we’ve cultivated here, which we deem to be the most important aspect of any coworking space! There are some other really great things we take pride in about Connect Coworking and in light of our third year celebration, we want to share some with you:

Over 90 companies office out of Connect Coworking

… that’s 167 individuals! How awesome is that? That means more fun for all of us and plenty of networking opportunities for you and your business.


Connect Profile: Julie Colby of the Arts Foundation

We are a local coworking space in the heart of Downtown Tucson

… and we love that we are a local business sharing space with many other local businesses. The world goes round. It’s also super convenient being walking distance from local restaurants, local coffee shops and local boutiques! Downtown Tucson is thriving and we dig being right in the middle of it.

Mixers, lunch & learns, workshops, speaker series, mentoring programs and launch parties have taken place (and continue to) out of Connect

… it’s our favorite! Our members have the freedom to host their own events here at Connect. We’re more than happy to show off the expertise and knowledge that exists in our space not only from member to member but from member to public! We enjoy being inclusive for the community.


Connect Profile: David Bornstein of David Bornstein Designs

Connect practices wellness in the workplace with yoga on Tuesday’s, meditation on Wednesday’s, and massages on Thursday’s

… yep, you read that right! Owning your own business can get tough, so we promote well-being to our members because well… we love them! And headaches are overrated.


Connect Profile: Cooper Kowalski of InHouse


Over 78 % of members have collaborated with another company within Connect without ever having to leave their office

… so that means if you’re a bookkeeper that needs a website built, there’s a web developer just a few feet away! Need something notarized? You’re in luck at Connect! Having trouble with brand communication? There’s a copywriter for that! This is the beauty of coworking spaces. Help just a gentle shoulder tap away.

 We offer meeting spaces that are open to the public!

… not a member at Connect? No problem! There are daily drop-ins available, as well as conference rooms available for hourly rent. We got you covered!


If you’d like to check out our space, schedule a tour here! We’d love to see you, give you a high five, and show all our awesomeness in person!

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