Connect Staff Profile: Jocelyn Valencia

Last but not least of the Connect Staff Profiles, we have Jocelyn Valencia – our Community Ambassador! She completes the “Fantastic Four” that create all that is Connect Coworking. Below are ten random questions answered by Joce!


Your autobiography title has to be three words. What is it?

“Seven Hearts Later.”

You just found out that a new star has been discovered and you get to name it! What name do you choose and why?

 I’d name it “Pedacito,” – means “Little Piece” in Spanish (my father’s nickname to me).

One dessert for the rest of your life. What is it?

Oh man… it’d probably be pan dulce.

Favorite part about Connect?

The entrepreneurial environment and all the people I’ve met/continue to meet!

Secret talent not many people know about?

I’m fluent in French!

Any childhood nicknames that deserve an explanation?

Moon Face. Because I have the roundest head in the world.

Morning person or night owl? Why?

Hm. It really depends on the season! But to be honest, I’m both. Early mornings are great for taking action! Late nights are perfect for brewing ideas.

Top three favorite places you’ve lived in?

First, Paris (Montmartre). Second, Los Angeles. Third, Tucson!

Top three favorite places you’ve visited? 

This is hard… hm. Paris is just amazing. That being said: Musée du Louvre, Chateau de Versailles, and Palais Garnier. All of France is really magic.

Jurassic Park is open for one day, but you can only see one dinosaur. Which one do you see and why?

Probably any kind of long neck because for some odd reason I find them cute (yet intimidating). T-Rex is a close second.
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