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Several individuals have been getting their first taste of what it’s going to be like to cowork at Connect while becoming members at Beta before our integration to the Rialto Building. One question remains: what is it going to be like to work at Connect?

A diverse array of businesses in one space allows for endless collaboration, professional relationships, new ideas and innovation. Creative energy is contagious. Being around likeminded individuals is the perfect atmosphere to get the creative juices flowing, have casual brainstorming sessions and build formal business partnerships.

Connect is a positive environment where everyone shares devotion and passion for doing good work and striving towards innovation and a greater good. Coworking at Connect is where freelancers can brainstorm with business owners, entrepreneurs can inspire and motivate each other, and startups can build their social networks.

Whether you reserve a private office (Ice Box), a resident desk (Flock), unlimited visits per month (Hopper), or you are just stopping in for the day (Slider),  having a workspace at Connect offers an exceptional experience.

Located in the historic Rialto Building, one of a kind design concepts and amenities make Connect the coolest place to work in Tucson!

Have you ever wondered where are all the typewriters in Tucson? Connect has a wall featuring vintage typewriters featuring their own unique story.

How many times has your internet stopped working at home or in the coffee shop? Worse yet, you have a momentary bout of frustration and those around you begin to question your sanity.  At Connect, our internet service is reliable and dependable so you can work at ease.

Would that awkward business meeting be remedied with a beer and a game of foosball? I’ll cheers to that!

Everyone has been scorched by the Tucson summer heat. After a five minute bike ride, you no longer look or smell like the dashing creature you were a short time ago. Good thing Connect has spa like showers! … So fresh and so clean!

Connect also offers a quick and safe way to take out personal or business frustrations on a punching bag. Remember, it doesn’t feel pain and won’t judge you later.

Is your stomach making noises that resemble a bear protecting her cub? Conveniently, Connect has a kitchenette for a quick meal and is in walking distance of many scrumptious restaurants!

Take five by relaxing on our lounge furniture to contemplate the meaning of life, or that next big idea… maybe even do some yoga while you’re at it. Namaste.

Let’s face it, meeting potential clients at your home can be a tad bit inconvenient when the cable man arrives. Likewise, when you’re at a coffee shop and your mom’s best friend’s little sister shows up with lots to say, this does not make a good impression nor does it make you look like the sleek, driven professional you are.

As Bill Nye The Science Guy once said, “Every one you will ever meet, will know something you don’t”… So, in other words, you know, that we know, that you know, it’s important to Connect.

By: Veronica Hoffman

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