Connecting Over A Meal

There is something particularly special about eating a meal together. Whether it’s with friends, coworkers, family, or complete strangers, food paves the way for meaningful conversation and connection. Here at Connect we truly embrace this principle and try to apply it wherever and whenever we can. Last week was our third annual Member Thanksgiving Potluck, and we could not have been more excited about it! We believe that the idea of “breaking bread” with one another plays a crucial role in the work we do here and in the community we’ve established. It’s also just a great way to celebrate the beginning of the long Thanksgiving weekend!

Why is this important to us? Well for starters, we’ve experienced the benefits of creating a place for togetherness, not only professionally but personally. It’s much bigger than a networking plan, it’s a meal with family. A study done by Oxford University states that “Communal eating increases social bonding and feelings of well-being, and enhances one’s sense of contentedness and embedding within the community.” If we can provide that for just one person here, I think that we’ve done our job this holiday season.

The staff at Connect each have their own reasons for loving our potluck. Dani, operations manager, believes in facilitating community and creating an opportunity for members to get involved. Not everyone has a place to celebrate, so she also loves the fact that they can come and feel at home during this season. Morganne, the newest addition to the team as community administrator, is excited for the opportunity to engage and connect with each member in a more personal way over some delicious food. Last but not least, Daniel, our sales and marketing coordinator said, “Our Thanksgiving Potluck is a great way to showcase our community, celebrate the connections that we’ve made and to make some new ones. I always look forward to a few dishes that our members bring and it’s a time where we can all get together and relax. It also helps me when touring potential members who are looking for other like-minded people to share experiences with.”

In the days leading up to the event, we truly felt the excitement in every conversation. No one could help it! We readily anticipated the moment when we would sit down around that cozy candlelit table, filled with diverse foods, and savor the company of those we work next to every day. It’s pure joy. The holidays are truly the perfect time to bring people together.


 – Written by Morganne Akowski, Community Admin

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