Crown Chimp Productions Grows With Tucson

Nickolas Duarte is the owner of Crown Chimp Productions.

So, Nickolas Duarte, tell our readers about your company, Crown Chimp Productions.

Crown Chimp has been around for 7 years now.  I’m the owner and serve as the main director and executive producer.  We are a video production company that handles creative, production and post-production with a slant towards story and narrative work in broadcast spots and digital content.  The company works out of Connect Coworking right here on 5th Avenue in Downtown Tucson.

I’m aghast! Reading your bio, as I did, and reviewing the awards and client list, you have a most decent list of credentials. While I am a technical writer, I am truly envious; your client list includes: Adidas, the NBA, Charles Schwab, BMW, the NFL, Peak, New Era, Western Union and Nike and on top of that you’ve earned an EMMY, a National ADDY, 6 National Tellys, and a Museum of Modern Art nomination, plus you’ve worked internationally as well.

Here’s the secret to our success: We don’t tell people about the negative or nasty stuff.  There’s been plenty of ups and downs along the way, but we try to highlight the ‘ups’- it’s good for marketing. I am proud of the work we’ve done though. The fact we consistently work all over the US and, more recently, the world, shows our developing success. It’s a cool thing to say and to experience. Lately, though, I’ve been just as proud to say we’re based in Tucson. There was a time when I’d talk around that fact, but with all the changes and with places like Connect Coworking, I am starting to feel really good about relating to the desolation of the desert and of calling Tucson, ‘home’.

Have you developed a market niche for Crown Chimp Productions, and a follow-up, what are your strengths?

I’ve tried to cultivate a focus on storytelling. I think that’s what matters in advertising in 2014 and, honestly, it’s what excites me the most about filmmaking in general. As a director, outside of Crown Chimp, my reps put me up for a lot of sports and docu-style type projects. But they all usually have some sort of narrative slant to them. And that’s what I’ve tried to build Crown Chimp on.

Very well, now the really hard one – any weaknesses that you would not mind seeing in print?

(Laughing) I’ve got plenty of weaknesses! Anything I want to see in print? Nope! Sorry man.

So… well, what are your long-term goals? Come to think of it – any short terms goals? Now, how about personal goals?

I’d like to grow Crown Chimp a bit more. Allow it to operate a bit more independently of me. Bring on new staff. Probably develop all the standard stuff that every small business owner wants to have in place. I’m planning on staying in commercials for awhile but one of my main goals is to also work in features and television. On the personal level, I’d like to try and be the best version of myself that I can be. Maybe that’s a Tony Robbins issue, whatever.

Final question: Here we are, in the burgeoning Downtown of Tucson, with respect to Crown Chimp Productions, Downtown, Arizona, the economy, the Southwest…, you look out of the Coworking office window… what do you see?

Stuff is happening here man. As a Tucson native, it’s really freaking exciting. For me, Connect is a huge part of that. It’s right at the center of this change. I initially chose to work out of Connect as a way to get out of my home office. Filmmaking is a very collaborative art form but it can also be insanely isolating. So that’s what brought me here in the first place. But as months have gone by, I’ve stayed here for the energy. A creative person is going to be creative no matter what, but there’s an excitement here that I think really focuses that creativity into productivity. The networking here has been really cool too. Right now, I’m not really in need of networking in a sense of getting work (although I’m sure that will change at some point because the universe is cruel and fickle and likes to play games on my bank accounts) so I’ve been able to use it more as a collaborative tool to help Crown Chimp grow. Just a couple examples – I’m talking with Storyteller PR about promoting a few recent projects we’re about to complete. I’m also talking to Chefpolice about catering some upcoming productions. It’s only been a few months, but I think in 5 years time I will look at the move to Connect as a pivotal moment in my life and for Crown Chimp Productions.

Nickolas Duarte, Director of Crown Chimp Productions, thank you so much for allowing our readers a peek through your production lens – and Good Luck handling all that excitement – just keep the lens focused.

By Jack Bybee

Jack Bybee is a technical writer, editor, entrepreneur and 2-D artist.
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