Executive Suites Vs. Connect Coworking: The Power Of Community

Last weekʼs story took you for a hard hat tour through Connect Coworkingʼs new digs at 5th Avenue and Congress, addressing the unique nature of the space and briefly touching on why the community vibe weʼre intent on generating is so important to setting Connect apart from the others. This week, weʼre taking that idea on more directly, and comparing the value of making Connect Coworking the home for your venture versus what is commonly available at other executive suites.

First and foremost, is the potential for collaboration. With most executive suites, clients tend to treat the space strictly as rented office space, as a place to come in, do some work, and get out around quittinʼ time. Not much in the way of communication between mutual occupants, as there is still a heavy, underlying component of the cubicle mentality that tends to pervade most executive suites. Just the name ʻexecutive suitesʼ summons visions of the boss from Office Space, roaming the aisles like a corporate T-Rex looking for employees whom he can ask to come in on the weekends.

In a coworking environment, particularly like the one being fostered at Connect, collaboration isnʼt simply a buzzword, it is a genuine operating principle for the many entrepreneurs that have already inhabited the space at Connect Beta, and are quite excited about the April opening of the new location. There is an entire spate of very bright, hardworking people committed not just to their own success, but also to each otherʼs and that of the greater Tucson community. Itʼs a passionate interest in generating a rising tide that will lift all boats through the shared expertise on hand, with folks like former Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup among the flock, at the heart of one of the hottest intersections for development in the entire country.

With this kind of collaborative spirit at work (and play), taking place amid the fantastically open glass-walled environment, not to mention the beautiful upper deck and outdoor patio areas, there is simply enormous potential for all kinds of cross-engineered ventures and synergistic efforts to take place. How many times can you think back to when a game of pool, a moment outside, or sitting down to a cold pint with the people you trust most led to a breakthrough on a problem that had dogged you while at the desk?

We all know that feeling, and this is a place constructed specifically for the purpose of building those relationships that can help you take those ideas to the next level. It isnʼt just a place to plug in your laptop with reliable Wi-Fi, a hot cup of coffee standing by, or a roomful of printers (though weʼll have all of those things), it is a genuinely creative collaborative business laboratory with some of the sharpest shooters in town putting their skin in the game.

There is plenty of potential for privacy should you need it, with specially constructed ʻSupermanʼ booths and other meeting rooms for when you have critical issues to discuss, but the community will always be there for you to fall back on when facing the unknown. The flexibility, first-class facilities, and location of the space all add fantastic value to a commitment to Connect Coworking, without a doubt. Ultimately though, it will be the community of individuals working together that will be the single greatest asset to anyone who chooses this as the place to begin making their dreams a reality.

By James J. Jefferies

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