Four Simple (Yet Impactful) Ways to Avoid a Brain Drain While Working

We’ve all encountered long work days, long work weeks, and long hours behind that desk (or on the couch). Whether you work the 9 to 5 or are self-employed, there are many simple ways one can avoid feeling sluggish, increasingly unproductive, and drained as the work day/week progresses! Below we will be highlighting four.


Take a Walk

Have you heard the myth that sitting is the new smoking? Well, luckily we can take a stroll around the block or if you for some reason don’t have that option, you can take ten strides down the hallway back and forth. Deciding to get up and out of that chair is very important not just physically but mentally, too! All hail vitamin-D. Plus, while you’re at it, you can grab yourself a delicious iced tea from Scented Leaf!


Eye Breaks

Be kind to your eyes that tirelessly stare at screens for prolonged periods of time. Eye fatigue causes loss of focus, so give them a break! In fact, it’s suggested that you take a break every 20 minutes. A simple way¬†to start is by dimming your computer and phone screens. Another way is by looking away from your desk. Observe distant objects and better yet, look out a window!



Tidy Desk

You know what they say… a cluttered desk makes for a cluttered mind! When’s the last time you really cleaned and organized your desk? Make it a point to tidy up your desk (or work area in general) at the end of each day and see how it makes you feel! Dust bunnies distract. (And habits are formed after 21 days of practice!)



Act of Kindness

Something as simple as calling up a friend for a short conversation is such an awesome way to take a break from work and rejuvenate for the remainder of the day. If you work from home and have a house pet, perhaps you can give your little friend some attention. Or maybe your co-workers could use an uplift and writing compliments on sticky notes to pass out could be your good deed for the day! Regardless of what it may be, an act of kindness goes a long way for your brain and heart, as well as the brain and heart of others.




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