How to Make the Most Out of Your Coworking Space

If you’re unfamiliar with the coworking environment, sometimes it can be hard to get acclimated. Perhaps you’ve been working from home for years and forgot what it was like to work around others or maybe you’re not really sure how to get the most out of your coworking space. Whatever the case may be (familiar or unfamiliar, new or veteran, shy or outgoing) below are seven awesome ways you can maximize being a coworker and thrive!

  1. Introduce Yourself

    You’re in a coworking space, say hi to people! Coworking spaces are designed for you to meet other likeminded peeps, so the chances of you meeting someone as cool as you is high. If you’re not necessarily wanting to go out of your way to talk to others or make connections, at least make yourself and your business known (at a member meeting for example) so everyone’s aware of the awesomeness you brought to the table in the community!

  2. Get to Know the Staff

    Typically, coworking spaces don’t hire just anybody! For all you know, the manager is a dog whisperer, the marketing and sales ambassador is a ghostbuster, the head of facilities is a world reknown Nascar racer and the gal at the front desk is your friendly neighborhood superhero. So get to know the people that help create the environment around you! You never know what you’ll find out!

  3. Keep an Eye Out for Newbies

    Nothing screams taking initiative more than introducing yourself to new members. Making a good, friendly first impression to a fellow creative you’ll be sharing space with could land you the next collaboration, spark the most inspirational conversation or simply create a new best friend.

  4. Attend Events

    Not just networking events but all that your coworking space has to offer! Wine tasting? Ping pong tournament? Monthly meeting? A walk to the nearest ice cream shop? Your coworking space may also have some sort of calendar that shows all the events near you that they think may be of benefit to you and your business. Check that out regularly as well. It’s important not just to network but to socialize as well!

  5. Explore the Space

    Chances are, your coworking space has all sorts of neat rooms and all sorts of awesome people throughout it. Getting familiar with the space allows you to see who and where other coworkers are, as well as all the nooks and crannies that your coworking space has to offer! Get to explorin’!

  6. Collaborate  

    How lucky are you to be in a space full of people with diverse skills and businesses? It’s not all too common being able to say you can look across the room and ask someone for help with exactly what you need but if your coworking space is awesome, you have that ability! Two businesses collaborating with each other brings together two different creative minds, two different skill sets, two different groups of clientele, and makes one awesome finished product!

  7. Juice the Offerings  

    Take advantage of everything your coworking space has to offer! Perhaps they have top secret discounts with other businesses nearby (support local). Maybe they can hook you up with another coworking space in another city (more connections). Would they let you host a workshop to show off your expertise? Do they host meditations or yoga sessions? If your coworking space has lemons laying around left and right, juice ’em and make lemonade!

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