New Year Motivation (because it’s currently that bit between Christmas and New Year where you don’t know what day it is, who you are and what you are supposed to be doing).

The new year brings a time of reflection and pondering as to what the year may bring and the possibilities that lay ahead. For some, this is exciting. For others it is paralyzing. I personally lay somewhere in the middle. I am excited about the new possibilities and slightly paralyzed with fear that I will mess it up. The techniques I have to stay on track with my goals and resolutions are nothing new, but they do yield results for me :shrugs shoulders:.


Start Big Picture

When it comes to my business resolutions, I start with 12, one per month. I ask myself questions like, “What do I want this particular month to look like?”, or “What is my goal for each month? Community building? Revenue? Member retention? Bringing workshops and educational classes to our members?”. I also check in and see if there are any projects I personally would really love to work on. I think it goes without saying that finding where my passion lays is also where I find a high “success” rate, whatever that success may look like, revenue, member retention, member engagement, etc.


Narrow it Down to Two Goals Per Month

My January goal is planning. Breaking that down further into two specific goals, I am focused on getting members engaged and excited about their New Year and the possibilities that lay ahead for them (hint: this blog post). I am also focused on getting my team excited and organized for the New Year. I want to make sure they have their own goals set so that a) they feel inspired and b) they stay on track throughout the year. Especially in coworking, it can be easy to get in a routine of living in the present and not setting goals. There are so many things that pop up in the day to day life of coworking that it can be hard to stay on “track”. Allowing my team time to ponder what they themselves are passionate about not only brings out the best in their work, but it also assures me that they are fulfilled and productive.


Set Realistic Goals

Can’t stress this one enough. I believe there is an art to pushing oneself while also staying within their capacity. If I set a goal too daunting, I won’t even begin to try and accomplish it. I don’t see this as limiting myself, or thinking lowly of my capabilities, it’s simply realistic. If I set a goal and I already feel stressed, it’s too much. If I set a goal and I’m already bored, it’s not enough.


Talk with Peers about Goals

Chat with others about your goals! It gets the brain working and also sets a level of accountability. I find it inspiring to hear about what others are doing. If I am inside of my own head setting goals, I can start to feel overwhelmed and possibly uninspired. But when I hear what others are up to or plan to do, it helps fuel my inspiration and energy.


Don’t Take it Too Seriously

I can assure you that I didn’t stick to every goal I set for 2018. It’s good to understand that the stakes just aren’t that high. No matter what I do, the year will turn out the way it is ultimately supposed to. Can I enhance it? Sure! But it seems as though there is this assumption that if we plan it all out just right, just perfectly, we’re in control. Annnnnnnnd that’s just not true. It’s like going on a vacation that I’ve planned every second of. Where to eat, what road to take, the activities I will do. That sounds terrible. Why not go off the beaten path? Try a restaurant without (gasp) googling it first?? See what the locals suggest as far as activities go? I may have the destination planned, but the route to get there is all relative.


 – Written by Dani Schiess, Operations Manager

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