It’s true, Connect Coworking is the coolest place to work in Tucson. We officially opened our first phase on June 1, 2014 and have already begun moving early adopters into phase 2 and our phase 3. Our Work Lab is well on it’s way to open by the end of this month. We have already hosted exclusive events to showcase all we’re doing for businesses downtown in what is truly a city landmark, located right off 5th Ave and Congress St (5C) within the Historic Rialto building right in the heart of Tucson. If you have not toured or attended any of our early events, no need to worry, if you’re signed up for our newsletter you will be invited to our launch party at the end of the summer.

Connect Coworking is redefining the way Tucsonans work. We are just as thrilled as you are about fostering a community of local-minded and small businesses-focused people, who are able to collaborate on projects, share resources and generate more success to support our livelihoods.

We will continue to work side-by-side with the local startup and innovation community, economic development, the University of Arizona, and many more to continue to grow a strong, vibrant startup ecosystem and help mend the talent gap in Tucson. Connect will help grow Tucson’s economy by offering a professional environment with all of the usual amenities built in, with the right connections to inspire, provoke, and ignite the productivity and passion startups in Tucson are seeking.  Connect is occupied by several different companies that bring an array of experience, add diversity and allow for organic collaboration and business growth.

Connect is a game changer for Tucson. We are truly inspired by Tucson and filled with gratitude for all of the support we’ve had thus far. Come connect with us!


Stephanie Bermudez
Community Director

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