Productivity and a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Productivity. A word I’ve always struggled to completely understand and a lifestyle I have yet to fully achieve. Daily, I mean. Some days are better than others, but this year I’ve decided to put a few new disciplines to practice in order to make every day a little more successful than the last. I thought I would just share some of what I’ve learned through research as well as trial and error. I’m definitely no expert, but I have been personally impacted by this – hopefully you will be too.

The first strategy I’ve realized is imperative to living a productive life, is having a healthy work-life balance. What is that? That’s the question I asked too. No one talks about it, most likely because its a widely unheard of topic. If you have heard of it, you probably just brushed it off thinking that you have yourself together. Maybe this will challenge you to take another look. The definition of work-life balance is, “a state of being where your professional matters do not interfere with your personal relationships” and vice versa. It’s actually saying, don’t take your work home! I understand that sometimes you have no choice, or you work from home, but I believe that it’s more of a figure of speech. Don’t let your job create division between you and your family, friendships, or anything that you love. When you’re home, be home. When you’re at work, be fully there too.

Work-life balance promotes mental and physical health, and truly boosts your productivity throughout the day. How do you implement this? I’m glad you asked. Through time management! When you are able to plan your day and finish tasks in a timely manner, you’ll have more freedom than you ever thought. I struggle with this. For sure. It can be hard to cross everything off of your list. But I’ve found if you let your relationships be the encouragement to get it done, then you truly will! I’m at my most productive when I’ve determined to follow through with my goal of a healthy work-life balance.

Lastly, be disciplined but still flexible. In other words, be intentional about these things, but take the pressure off. No one expects you to be perfect, so don’t create that false expectation for yourself. Do the best you can! The goal is to be healthy and live a life that you’re excited about. If you have to work a little longer one day, that’s okay. Maybe just find some space in between calls or meetings to relax, then get back to what you have to do. I’d count that as a win.¬†I read some where once, “productivity is a side-effect of balance.” I would have to agree.

 Written by Morganne Akowski, Community Admin

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