New innovative breakthrough for how we work on computers

It has become clear that sitting all day, slouched over, is hazardous to peoples health. This inactivity increases risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression—to the point where experts have labeled this epidemic the sitting disease. MüvFree kinetic desks are now being offered as rewards on Kickstarter with the goal of completing a rocking, zero gravity station called the FLIP, built for active sitting. The concept is to inspire one to go from a sedentary lifestyle to a fit and active one with movement throughout the day. Improving posture and bringing gentle exercise into the flow with technology increases energy, creativity, and productivity.

The flexible stations position computers at eye level, which reduces strain on the spine, neck, and eyes. The innovative designs allow people to experience the benefits of standing, stretching and good posture while staying in the work flow. The contemporary furniture is made in the USA with bamboo and birch and has intricate cut-outs that make them light, easy to hold, and carry.

The Kickstarter rewards:


– Elevates screens for improved posture
– Inspires movement in the workflow
– Accommodates all tablets and laptops

The Founder:

Kep Taiz is a member of Connect, designer, and pioneer in the field of therapeutic vibroacoustics. Using his invention the TAIZ Sensorium he developed a multi-sensory spa service for world-renowned Miraval Resort. The breakthrough design for delivering sound and musical vibrations into the whole body was endorsed by Andrew Weil, M.D., featured in NBC Buzz, W Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money section, as one of the wildest spa treatments in the world.

After feeling mental and physical pain from sitting long hours in front of his computer, Kep, who is also a yoga practitioner, decided it was time for a change. In 2012 he got to work building stylish ergonomic furniture that encourages movement and reduces the harmful tendency of people using mobile devices to be in Forward Head Posture. He gave a TEDx talk called “Sitting Is The New Cancer” and was recently interviewed by the Arizona Daily Star for an article about standing desks. Kep founded MüvFree with the mission to deliver unique ergonomic solutions that promote healthier and more productive digital lifestyles.


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