What is Connect?

Connect Coworking is a community driven shared and private office space located in the heart of Downtown Tucson off of Congress Street. With over 90 different enterprises that office out of Connect, including Fortune 500 companies, remote workers, non-profits, universities, and local-based startups, diversity is flourishing!  From fast WIFI, secure 24/7 access and event and meeting space, Connect Coworking is the perfect office solution in thriving Downtown Tucson.

Why Coworking?

Because it’s the best…obviously! But in all seriousness, coworking is much more than office space. Yes-we ARE a plug and play operation but our community is what separates us from the rest! In fact, 82% of workers reported that being in a Coworking space daily increased their productivity, business & personal networks, and created a more pleasant environment than traditional office space. Coworking has also proven to create greater opportunities to collaborate and work with like-minded individuals. Say goodbye to your home office and hello to your new coworking space!

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