The Typewriter Wall: A Tale Of Tucson History

One night on Facebook, I saw that Sonya from FORS Architecture needed old typewriters for a new place, Connect.
I think she was surprised when I asked how many she needed. I had a lot of typewriters.

So, I loaded up my car with my 7 typewriters and met Sonya before going to work at The Screening Room. She picked a few that day, but I am most excited that she picked my Grandmother’s and a typewriter from our family’s Pharmacy. My Grandmother’s is the one the upper left corner of the display at Connect. The first one! She used to type recipes, letters and birthday notes on it. The birthday notes were the best! She would say how proud she was of you and enclose a brand new $5 bill for your birthday. I can still see her typing on it in my mind.

The coolest typewriter on the wall is from my family’s pharmacy. The Schnaible Drug Store, in Lafayette, Indiana was a small chain started in the late 1800’s by my Grandfather. The typewriter is easy to see because it is the only one with a 18 inch carriage. They used that typewriter to type accounting information on ledger paper. And the keys go way down when you with each click. It is a far cry from QuickBooks. We closed down our stores to move to Arizona. I am glad it has a new home at Connect Coworking where people can see it everyday. 

Hopefully, this wall will inspire you to write someone a letter and brighten their day.

Happy typing!


 by Mia Schnaible, Director of Marketing and Development for Arizona Film Festival / Typewriter Donor

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