Utilizing Space

Hello! Dani here 🙂 your Community Ambassador at Connect Coworking!

So for the last blog post, I discussed the importance of creating a community within a coworking space. I am happy to announce that our Ping Pong tournament was a hit! Bigger turn out than expected, last minute sign ups, and camaraderie all around!

So moving forward, I started thinking about how we can utilize the space efficiently. My main focus was, look at the space we have, and see what we can do with it.

For example, we have this lovely outdoor deck on the second floor. There are tables, chairs, and shade, but no one sits out there. So I looked at it and thought “How can this space be utilized?”  I came up with the idea of planting some succulents in our hanging planters (add a little bit of a homey touch) as well as a dart board!

This way it’s an inviting area with something to do and somewhere to interact.

There are a few other spaces in Connect that feel a bit ignored. I think that’s the trial and error of a coworking space, finding out which spaces get used, and which don’t, and further more…why or why not?

There is another section of the space that has 4 big comfy chairs that are not being used. Why aren’t they being used? What can we do so that the space is utilized? It’s a tricky area because it’s near our common kitchen area, where people sometimes hold meetings, so it needs to stay relatively quiet. However, since it is our common area, and right next to our beer on tap, it’s also a place to have fun and socialize.

Shuffleboard seemed pretty appropriate 🙂 This has yet to be finalized, but I’m very hopeful that it will happen.

In the mean time I will be keeping an eye out for other areas that could be utilized more than they already are 🙂


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