What Separates One Coworking Space From Another?

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Hello Coworking world!

Dani here, the Community Ambassador at Connect Coworking.

There’s been a lot of discussion about the direction of this blog as it starts back up. One option that was discussed, is sharing the blog from my perspective. So I will do my best to do just-that!

When I came into Connect, it was during a very transitional time. It became very clear that my title as Community Ambassador was about to grow and evolve, and really take on a new definition. Thanks to my teacher Darren Rhodes, I started thinking about “Who can I help, how can I help?”

Most anyone can see that Connect is a successful coworking space, but, the question was asked “Would it remain successful if another coworking location opened up?”
Currently Connect is the only coworking space  located in Tucson, Arizona. There are other locations with a similar concept, but by definition, Connect is the only coworking space.

Then another thought occurred “If another coworking space did open up, what would set us apart?”

What would cause people to choose one place over the other? Cost? Location? Amenities? Sure. These are all things that accumulate to a clients satisfaction. But even more than that? Community. Are we doing everything we can to make our clients feel a sense of community?

I felt we could improve in this area. I felt it would be beneficial to have people associated with Connect to know one another. If they don’t, how can they utilize one another? How can they network? How can they recommend each other to friends, family, clients, etc?

So I got started on providing our members with fun, affordable, engaging events.

Connect has a lot of amazing amenities, and connections, and resources, why not utilize them? I immediately got working on three things:

1) Getting to know the people and businesses who have chosen to work out of Connect.

2) Organizing our event calendar so members are in the know of what is going on so they can choose if that is something they would like their businesses, companies, employees, etc., to attend.

3) Setting up events that were focused on our members only.

Now, not only do we have multiple organizations, companies, and freelancers hosting workshops & classes here at Connect, but we also have our own events! There is also a Ping Pong Tournament coming up June 15th, and then our Free Wine Tasting on the 29th! Connect is really the place to be 🙂 I’m very excited about the future of Connect and its community. I’ll keep you updated along the way 🙂

And a big thank you to the entire team at Connect Coworking, I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of this amazing space. Cheers!

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