Why Tucsonans Should Breakup with their Home Office

Working from home is a dream for many, until they actually get to doing it and realize it doesn’t necessarily live up to par. With the bed around the corner, dishes in the sink, and an all too comfortable couch, the home office (for many) ends up not being the best place to actually get work done. Comparing office alternatives is important for every business owner to discover which environment allows them to reach optimum efficiency and productivity. So, what’s the next best thing?

Although coworking may seem like a pretty recent concept, it’s not all that uncommon anymore. According to some findings by the Global Coworking Survey, approximately 1.2 million people all over the world will work in coworking spaces by the end of 2017. Coworking nearly doubles every single year. But, before we get into it, what exactly is coworking anyway? Coworking is a non-traditional, shared working environment for entrepreneurial, like-minded individuals. Let’s look at some statistics below.


How is coworking that awesome? Whether you’re a freelancer, start up, or corporation – following are some of the many things that coworking offers:

Designed for (Co)Work

Coworking spaces are intentionally designed from the ground up for members to get work done, whether you’re alone or with a group. Even the architectural design is created in such a way that encourages social interaction, collaboration and networking. Most coworking spaces designed areas for members to socialize, offer conference rooms for meetings, have lounging nooks, and private offices amongst common area/dedicated desks. Every setting you may need to get work done in one space!

Likeminded Environment

Not just anybody decides to work out of a coworking space. People that seek this environment are often creatives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and go-getters. It’s not like you’re going into a cafe and end up being the only one at work or are in a traditional office where there are no incentives to interact with one another. Surrounding yourself with people who are just like you, has also proven to give you a motivational and productive boost!

Quality Social Interaction

Working from home can get lonely. It’s hard when both your work life and home life are… well, home. In fact, moving work out of home made 60% of coworkers happier whilst at home! This is because coworking spaces aren’t just about the office space but also about the community. Studies show that 91% of coworkers have better interactions with others after working. All thanks to the quality conversations, friendships, and encounters that happen in a coworking community.

Potential Collaborators

The cool thing about being in a space of likeminded individuals is that you’re surrounded by all different kinds of expertise. Perhaps you’re working on a new project and need help creating a logo? Chances are, there’s a graphic designer sitting right next you! There’s a heightened level of trust when you’re able to turn to your neighbor when you need help in getting a project done, and what’s great is that they’re typically happy to do so! Why? That’s business for them as well.

Customer Expansion

Not only can collaborating open up some doors for you but so can all the people that come and go in coworking spaces. There’s lots of opportunities to network, chat, and get your name out there!

In the first Global Coworking Survey held by Deskmag, 42 percent of coworkers said that their incomes increased since joining a coworking space.

Professional Venue/Outlook

It’s professional and convenient to have a business address and a venue to where you can bring your clients. Need not to say more!

Events, Discounts, and More Perks

All statistics aside, becoming a member for a coworking space also comes with neat perks, like 24/7 access to the building (aka, say bye to normal business hours). You could have the chance to host your own workshop and show off your expertise to the public. Memberships sometimes also include discounts to local businesses or even memberships to other organizations! Coworking spaces also tend know of all the awesome networking events, mixers, and conferences that may be of benefit to you (even if they aren’t hosting it).

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One thought on “Why Tucsonans Should Breakup with their Home Office”

  1. Working from home sent me to the brink of major depression. Right before I joined Connect, I was thinking of seeking psychiatric treatment.

    After my first full day as a member, I realized that I was fine and that the real problem was social isolation.

    Since I’ve been a member, I’ve become a poster child for why coworking is so good for mental health.

    In addition to getting my business out of a Gr-r-r-reat Recession-induced slump, I’ve had to deal with the deaths of my father and aunt, settling my father’s estate, and managing my mother’s affairs.

    If I had stayed home, I probably wouldn’t have made it to this day.

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