Work Lab Opens: Collaborate with likeminded business professionals in Downtown Tucson

Collaborate with likeminded business professionals in Downtown Tucson.

The third and final phase of Connect Coworking, Downtown Tucson’s premier collaborative workspace, is now complete as the ground-level Work Lab portion of the complex finishes up a successful Beta-testing period and opens to the public on Monday, September 1st.

According to Connect Coworking Community Director Stephanie Bermudez, Work Lab’s goal is to provide the small-business innovator with the key amenities available with a full-service Connect Coworking’s membership, but with the flexibility that a short-term resident or traveling entrepreneur requires.

Some of these short-term needs that Work Lab meets include providing a reception area for clients, a physical business address, and a “Chat Box” private room to conduct brief meetings or take calls that may include sensitive information. Expect all of the typical conveniences of a regular business office as well, with unlimited wi-fi, a printer/scanner/fax machine, and other basic amenities available in Work Lab’s kitchen.

And though the photos of Work Lab’s upscale-yet-inviting space may be impressive, as with all of the facets of Connect Coworking, these alone do not do them justice. Work Lab must be seen in person to get the full experience, as it perfectly marries the often-conflicting goals of providing both a productive and yet relaxing working atmosphere. As Bermudez said, though Work Lab’s main objective is productivity, “It’s a casual working experience—this isn’t an uptight, restrictive environment.”

Work Lab’s early-adopter Beta-testing team have been with Connect Coworking since the very beginning, working out of the Connect Beta space on 245 E. Congress St., at the corner of 5th Ave and Congress in a vacant space next to the Sparkroot cafe. It was here in August of 2013 where the seeds of Connect Coworking were planted and grew into what is now Connect Coworking’s main campus on 33. S. 5th Avenue in the Historic Rialto Building.

These invaluable Beta-testers have been ironing out all the kinks and managing with growing pains that naturally come with a new business space, never mind one housed in a historic building that has be carefully repurposed to restore the integrity of the original 1920s architecture.

Some of the member plans geared towards these future innovators include the Slider, which at $25 provides full day access to all to all of the ground-level business amenities. The Hopper plan, which runs $150 per month, gives Coworkers all the tools for success without the restraints of a long-term full membership requirement. Hoppers receive unlimited visits during regular Connect Coworking business hours, four conference room hours per month, and invitations to exclusive member-only networking events.

Starting this week, Bermudez will begin calling on 50 businesses short-listed for this level of membership. Given the Beta-testers and these short listed businesses, you can be sure the Work Lab will be buzzing the moment it officially opens its doors.

In addition to the operational benefits already mentioned with paying Work Lab members, members get the visibility of as a business that is working out of Connect Coworking via Connect’s official website and through social media. Members are also automatically invited to weekly private networking events, mixers, and happy hours, the latter of which is a free mixer featuring an eclectic mix of all of Connect’s varying levels of memberships. And while a monetary value cannot possibly be put on the relationships that have been and will be built through Connect Coworking’s collaborative home, Connect does have a 5C Rewards plan in the works, as well as a mobile application designed specifically for Connect members, and created by Connect members themselves.

For Bermudez, this is final piece of a puzzle in Connect’s ultimate goal to provide entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers an experience beyond that of just a renting a desk, or providing a roof. Connect is a place where cutting-edge minds and innovative technology call home; a place where collaboration breeds success, community and change, and Work Lab is now an integral part of that community.

To learn about all the exciting, innovative activities at Connect Coworking, and to take a tour of the new Work Lab space yourself, contact Community Director Stephanie Bermudez via or at 520.333.5754.

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